Sunday, January 13, 2013

Forage - Cloth Diapers for Baby

We love babies, it's no secret -- but we also love items for baby made in amazing textiles! We've just spotted a line of cloth baby diapers sewn in fabric by our favorite illustrator, a dear friend of AISC, Sarah Watts. Her Timber and Leaf fabric line, her latest from Blend Fabrics, is a beautiful homage to nature, a perfect pairing for these eco-friendly cloth diapers from Sloomb - sustainablebabyish.

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Sewn in Denver, CO, you can feel 100% happy about your purchase. The diapers use sustainable bamboo for liners and use Timber and Leaf for the exterior. These colors are so peacefully perfect for baby, we're left asking ourselves if it's too weird to wish we could wear these? Maybe -- but we're not ashamed to admit it. We're drooling over this fabric!

The diapers are paired with snaps matched perfectly to the fabric selection,  a small detail us crafters certainly appreciate!

Sarah Watts is an illustrator in Atlanta, GA whose work maintains a beautiful hand-drawn look, pulling you into a wildly imaginative world. She illustrates embroidery kits for AISC, which you can find in our Etsy shop. Visit her website for more on the artist and to see more of her amazing work!

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  1. Thank you Sarah!!! I know, why can't we wear these diapers! We need to get some adult sized ones. Thanks for posting:D:D You're the best.