Saturday, January 26, 2013

Valentine's Craft Round-Up - 5 Easy Crafts for the Big Day

We've gathered some of our favorite crafts to tell a special love one just how much you care -- a sweet touch for Valentine's Day or any occasion worth spreading some love! From printables to needlecraft, sewing to paper crafts, we've got something (we hope!) for everyone out there!

1. Valentine Love Message Handkerchief

Words cannot express how much we LOVE this project. As the creator suggests, it's perfect for both the February holiday, but also as a parting gift for a loved one. It's sweet and sentimental, and a great gift they'll actually keep & use -- how many candy boxes get tossed out every year? The tutorial is super easy to follow and in just a few quick steps, you'll have a one-of-a-kind gift that says "I love you" perfectly. And, the origami pouch is to die for!

2. Pop-up Pixels Valentine Card

For the love in your life that would appreciate a throwback to pixelated computer graphics, or just for fun, this card is a great easy way to make a card that's sure to stand out (pun intended!). We've always loved a card with dimension (can we help that we wish we had more excuses to make dioramas?) so this one takes the cake. If you're making them in multiples, they can be created in just a few minutes!

3. Crepe Paper Roses

Ooo we love to get our hands on crepe paper, because we stand strong to our belief that it makes anything look fabulous. These crepe paper roses are so fast, and the crinkle in the paper gives the flowers an extra point for texture. The tutorial shows them as a holiday tree decor, but we love these in lieu of a fresh flower bouquet, a true testament to "my love for you will never wilt!".

4. Wool Felt Slippers

Valentine's Day gifts should be about luxury sometimes, a great way to say "you deserve this" and "I'm the best gift-giver" at the same time :) We love the style of these felt slippers/moccasins, because they're simple enough to be made for a man or a woman. Our favorite part? They're made from wool felt, and you might have noticed it is one of our favorite materials - AND they're hand sewn so you don't need fancy tools. If you're making them for a set of feet shorter than 12" long, you can find the felt to make them in our Etsy shop!

5. Geo-heart Gift Wrap

Finish off those sweet presents (or notes!) with this awesome geometric heart printable, a great way to wrap a gift without having to buy expensive paper (although we do sometimes splurge on expensive paper!). It's black and white so we can see it just like this with some fun washi tape to close it up, or you can fill in some hearts with marker or highlighter to give it your personal touch. Maybe even spell something out with your fill-ins!

Do you have craft projects in mind for this Valentine's Day? Share with us in the comments below!