Thursday, January 3, 2013

We Love Embroidery (and you should, too!)

Okay, okay. Sometimes when I think of embroidery, I think about my grandma Florence, who may have dabbled in embroidery and other needlework from time-to-time. You might think of your grandma, too. UNTIL, you realize that embroidery is a seriously modern craft, with some seriously amazing artists creating some seriously amazing things.

Take Rachel Hobson's unbelievable embroidery piece of the moon.

Unbelievable, no? The stitches, the detail, the color! And as someone who, as a kid, wanted badly to go to NASA space camp, I think the choice of the moon is simply sublime. You can find a great video and more information about Rachel's project on Craftzine, HERE.

See more of our favorite embroidery after the jump!

And speaking of sublime, all modern embroiderers must know Jenny Hart and Sublime Stitching.
Her whimsical, humorous and gosh-darn fun embroidery patterns are certainly not what you expect from embroidery. In fact, Jenny says she started Sublime Stitching because she "was unable to find any alternative patterns for stitching ("alternative" meaning: anything other than cutesy teddy bears, duckies, bunnies and scarecrows)." Check our her work and patterns HERE.

And in the world of jaw-droppingly beautiful embroidery, there is Natalie Chanin and her company, Alabama Chanin.

I really don't have anything to say, other than wow. Just wow. Check out her work HERE.

Looking to pick up your own embroidery project? Check out our all-inclusive kits with beautiful illustrations by Atlanta artist Sarah Watts, everything you need to embellish a variety of accessories and household goods. Find them in our Etsy shop and get stitching!

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