Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Handmade Wedding Bells are Ringing

In addition to the crafty awesome-ness of the Indie Craft Experience's summer & winter craft shows, their handmade wedding show is a huge hit in Atlanta and a must-attend if you're planning a wedding. It's the show where you're sure to find one-of-kind vendors to cater to your need for something extra special and extra handmade. At Wedding Day Hooray, you'll find your photographer, florist, caterer, and favors all in one spot from some of the country's most unique talents. This year, we here at the Atlanta Institute of Stitches & Crafts are hosting a series of short wedding-themed workshops so you can not only go home with your plans in motion, but also learn some great techniques to add your own special touch to your big day. Read more about our offerings and how you can participate after the jump!

Two of our favorite embellishments at a wedding are flowers and banners -- they add the best pops of color to a great event. As far as we're concerned, the beauty is always in the details, and it's more fun when you know you've crafted something special for your wedding, especially when so much of the orchestration is often out of your hands. We like these crafts because they're easy to complete and you can make a fun night out of it by gathering friends & family to help! Our two Wedding Day Hooray exclusive workshops include Fabulous Flowers and Handmade Buntings, 45 minute workshops throughout the event that will leave you ready to decorate on your own.

Fabulous Flowers takes you through 5 different methods of creating handmade flowers for bouquet, boutonniere, or decor. Fabric, paper, and felt creations will give you the knowledge you need to add floral accents that won't wilt, or create a bouquet that will last a lifetime (like your love!).

Handmade Buntings goes through methods using applique with fabric and creative paper cuts for decorating your event, signage, or sweet embellishments for desserts. These little flags are so cute and can be customized for any decor and wedding style.

Ready to sign up? Visit our registration page to see more information and register for these short workshops that will only be available February 16th during Wedding Day Hooray.

The Low Down:

February 16, 2013 @ Wedding Day Hooray
Event held at Ambient Plus Studio, 585 Wells St. SW Atlanta, Georgia 30312
45 minute workshops
$5 at the event, $4 in advance online per person