Thursday, May 2, 2013

Pocketed Pillowcase Tutorial - Perfect for Little Ones

Today we're bringing you a tutorial that is a twist on a traditional pillowcase form that we love, with a pocketed accent for extra cozy storage. We love this pillow for kids to keep their treasured stuffed creatures or a great place to tuck a fallen tooth (or fairy's treasure!). Follow along this easy tutorial packed with images to guide you along the way.


3/4 yard fabric for Main Body
1/4 yard fabric for Edge Piece
1/8 yard for Border Accent
1 Fat Quarter fabric for Pocket

Cutting Supplies
Sewing Machine


1. Gather fabric pieces. We used cut & used:

(1) 27" by 40" main piece (the 40" side will be folded over in final version, so make sure your pattern goes horizontally along the 27" side when you cut it)
(1) 9" by 40" edge piece
(1) 3" by 40" border accent (iron in half lengthwise in preparation for sewing)
(1) 9" by 10" pocket piece

2. Hem top of pocket piece

Stitch a 1/2" straight stitch down one 9" side of your pocket piece. You're not stitching 2 pieces together, simply making a marking stitch so you'll know where to fold & press to make a top rolled hem. Once you've sewn your straight stitch across, press it down at that line twice, and stitch it down as close to the flap opening as you can get without going over the edge of the hem flap.

 3. Pin pocket, aligned along the bottom, to your edge piece.

4. Begin layering your pieces as follows:

1 - Edge/pocket combo facing up
2 - Layer accent strip on top, with raw edges all aligned across top, along the long edge
3 - Main body piece face down over the other two, long raw edges all aligned & pinned

Once you have all raw edges pinned, roll the main body piece neatly up toward the raw edges, so it is out of the way.

5.  With main body piece rolled, you will have ample room for you to roll the other edge of the pocket/edge piece up, so that all pieces are neatly encased in a "tube". Pin this edge/pocket piece lining up with the already-pinned raw edges. Make sure the interior "roll" is not pinned (raw edges only!). Stitch long side together, closing up the tube, with a 1/2" seam allowance.

6. Once sewn (double check to make sure you caught all layers), begin pulling out all pieces from one side until it is completely right-side out.

 7. Trim off any excess so the entire piece is perfectly squared off. Press everything flat.

8. With right-sides out, wrong sides touching, pin around two raw-edged sides of your pillow, making sure that the edge piece that has your pocket attached lines up on the exterior. You're pinning to prepare for a french seam on the remaining open edges of your pillow (except the opening side, don't accidentally stitch this shut!). Sew around these two edges (bottom & side) with a 1/4" seam allowance, making sure you're stitching on the RIGHT sides of your material.

9. Flip wrong-side out and press neatly, making sure the sewn seams are nice & evenly pressed. Pin again, here, and stitch around the two previously sewn sides with a 1/2" seam allowance. This will encase the raw seams you created around the right-side of your pillow case, making a beautiful french seam presentation on the interior of the pillow.

10. Flip back so the right-sides are out, press, and stuff! You're all done with a beautiful pocketed pillow case!


  1. This is so awesome!! I've linked to your tutorial on Craft Gossip:

  2. Awesome tutorial! I am a beginner sewer (?) and this looks like it will be a fun yet educational project for me to do in the near future.

  3. Well, I have been making pillowcases with this method for all the holidays, birthdays, seasons, etc. for my two grandkids. They don't live near us so that is my way to stay connected. I just use fabric that is appropriate for the occasion. However, after seeing your pattern, now mine will all have pockets too. Can't you just see little boys putting their matchbox cars, etc. in those pockets? I love this idea! Thanks for the tutorial!!!