Wednesday, June 12, 2013

DIY Pixie Sticks with Paper Straws

We love this idea we wish we'd come up with it on our own, but today's inspiration is coming from the lovely Love & Olive Oil, a blog full of culinary inspiration and documentations of adventures in cooking. We love this idea to make your own pixie sticks from paper straws, click to find out how!

The recipe for cooking up these pixie sticks is no small task, but the results are awesome. We love the idea of making your own filling from freeze dried fruit, which somehow seems a bit more healthy than whatever you're getting from the mass-produced sugar sticks.

Our paper straws are the perfect tool for packaging the pixie sticks, and our assortment of colors will make it super easy to personalize for your specific occasion (favorite colors, matching the straw to the fruit inside?). Pick up your straws in our Etsy shop and get to work on your summer pixie sticks from Love & Olive Oil!

Find the full recipe here.

Find the straws here.

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