Monday, July 1, 2013

DIY Bikini - Inspiration Post

I've been scouring the projects over at Kollabora recently, an online sharing space for makers. I stumbled upon this beautiful handmade retro-inspired high waisted bikini and can't get it off of my mind, determined to make one for myself (the crazy summer heat might have something to do with that). I've found a few places on Etsy that sell some great suits, and I can't help but wonder where in the world they're getting these amazing printed Lycras. The internet has not served me well in this department, as I've fallen short of great colors and bold geometrics, only met with mostly animal print. I'll show you what I've gathered so far after the jump!

First, some inspiration:

When I think of a classic swimsuit, I can't help but only think of Marilyn Monroe. She's a style icon of mine, her photos exude elegance and femininity to me (despite her unfortunate demise). I've always loved her, and turn instantly to her for swimsuit inspiration.

I have a vintage-inspired one piece now, which I've had for a few years now and love love love. The shape is super flattering, and although it covers a lot, the deep v in front and low back are perfectly flattering and feminine. I basically want to recreate the modesty of this suit in bikini form.

Here are my favorite finds from Etsy:


I'm going to begin searching for some great stretch synthetics thick enough for a bathing suit locally, and I'll keep you posted on my hunt for some great swimwear material! I'm delving into this project head first, so I'm going to attempt the fully structured demi-cut bra top. I'm sure there will be a tutorial soon after that, I'm excited to try my first bra top!

Have you ever made a swimsuit? Share your experience in the comments!

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