Thursday, January 3, 2013

Learn to Knit with Nell

Hello, crafters!

Here at the Atlanta Institute of Stitches & Crafts (AISC), we want to make sure you get the absolute best instruction in crafting. Your path to crafting success should be guided by expert teachers who are excited to share their craft with you and at AISC, that's what you'll get: experts who want you to love to craft as much as they do.

Meet Nell. Nell is one of the amazing knitting instructors here at AISC. Not only is she a fabulous knitter with a ton of knowledge to share, she's fun - so you know you're going to have a great time in one of her classes. We wanted you to get to know a little about Nell and her teaching style, so we sat down with her for a quick interview!

Nell, how did you get started knitting?
I learned to knit as a youngster - my very patient mother taught me.  My grandmothers and aunts were all knitters, too.

How long have you been teaching?
I began teaching in a "professional" manner about 6 years ago.  I have always shared my love of craft with friends and acquaintances of all ages.   In Junior high I was the go-to gal for beading and embroidery.  I wish I still had those embellished Levi's!

What is unique about your knitting classes?
I think that the thing that I teach, or strive to show is not just the how's but the why's of the process.

Once someone takes Knitting 101 and 102, how long before he or she can knit something more complicated, like a cowl?
Oh, my!  You can make a cowl with just knitting - which you will be instructed in, in 101!  There are a lot of things to accomplish with each level of instruction.  By the end of 102, combining knit & purl will have been covered. Each class will come with a list of projects that are suited to the student's new skill level.

What is the best thing about knitting? 
That is a funny question for me.  Knitting is so much a part of my life. I suppose completing a piece can be the best, but watching the progress of your work, tinkering with stitches and shapes, outcomes good and not-so-good are all great things.  One of the unexpected things is the assortment of people that you'll meet - there are knitters everywhere!

Thanks, Nell! You can visit Nell's great blog at:

Have a crafty day!


  1. Hi there Nell,
    I have just found your beautiful Daisy Sweater on Ravelry, but cannot find a way to obtain the pattern. Is it still available somehow?

    1. Hi Carmine!

      Can you email us at We'll send you Nell's email address so you can contact her directly that way!