Monday, February 25, 2013

Color Cravings: Gold Rush

We want to start picking a color a week and sharing with you some lovely items from our favorite places that celebrate that color -- our very own version of an Etsy treasury, if you will. This week we wanted to start off with gold, because we always love the bold metallic against a muted neutral.

Are you feeling gold this week like we are? We hope so.

1. Gold Metallic Sharpie - Fine Point
Sharpies are re-entering our lives with much more purpose than marking our moving boxes. Tutorials for Sharpie wall paper, ceramic embellishment, and nail art are popping up everywhere, and we're loving every bit of it.

2. Metallic Gold Leather Hide from StaceAge

One of our favorite Atlanta fabric spots is Lewis & Sheron Textiles, a designer's dream. Tucked in the back lies StaceAge, an amazingly glitzy textile dream area, chock full of color that practically burns the eyes. We can't get enough of it (think: glitter vinyls, flocked silk, metallic brads, and so much more!) -- and their selection of metallic hides is mouth-watering.

3. Gold Glitter Twine from Knot & Bow

Remember when we mentioned metallic and neutral? This is the perfect marriage of our favorite pairing, a smooth natural cotton with a glimmer of gold.

4. Gold Metallic Washi Tape

As you probably know already, we're crazy for washi. And we can't help but be a little biased on this selection, because we really love our washi. Our gold metallic washi inspired this list and would go perfectly with #5.

5. Metallic Kraft Wrapping Paper

This gorgeous wrapping paper from Smock, produced in Syracuse, NY on white kraft paper is a perfect wrap for any occasion.

6. Gold Point Vessel from Up in the Air Somewhere

We love the delicate paper mache construction on this bowl, the inconsistent texture is perfect for showing off the glimmer of the gold leaf.

7. Gold & Glitter Dipped Feathers (Tutorial)

Can we just say we want these everywhere? Click the link above to see the tutorial and make them yourself!

8. Midas Cutlery

This is gorgeous, this is out of our price range. Maybe just give the ol' cutlery a gold handle instead?

9. Gold Food Mist (food safe, we promise!)

Nothing says luxury like eating gold.

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