Thursday, February 14, 2013

In the Studio: Decorating with Timber & Leaf

As some of you might know, we've just moved into a new studio space at the Telephone Factory Lofts in Atlanta, GA. We're so excited! We share the space with some amazing people, two illustrators and a commercial photographer. The studio is overflowing with creativity which makes it a perfect space for our crafty haven. We're still decorating and haven't opened up our doors for more than a few students, but we have big plans for an opening event once we're all settled in. We've started with some decorating (there's a huge frame collage wall!) and we've been keen on using some pieces from Timber & Leaf, a fabric collection by Sarah Watts for Blend Fabrics.

We love this collection because it has really sophisticated, calming colors and brings in a bit of the outdoors. We can't help but love foxes, and can't complain that illustrations of foxes dot the collection in a couple of prints. We also can't help but love that the designer resides in our very studio, you could say we're pretty big fans!

We've used the dark brown fox print to cover a barrel lamp shade that was purchased new white, and needed something fun to brighten up the space. We love the fox pattern on this fairly small space because the pattern is just the right size -- interesting but not too busy. We took to the Mod Podge to cover the lampshade, and used some light pleating to account for the top tapering. Covering a lampshade is a labor of love, but Mod Podge definitely makes the job easier! We measured out our fabric and glued it on with the Mod Podge section by section, only glueing on the underside to attach it to the shade first. We spaced out our pleats evenly for a seamless look. Once we got all of our fabric around the barrel, we went back over all of it with another layer of Mod Podge. This gives it a nice smooth semi-gloss coat that will keep dust off the fabric and give it another layer of protection. We love the Mod Podge for it because you can still see the fabric grain, so it won't completely plasticize your fibers.

We're also using the blue tree rings for our class table coverings. The pattern is faint enough that the small pattern doesn't become dizzying on such a large surface (actual fabric much lighter than above swatch).

We're working on another lamp covering in the deer in the woods print, and rotary cutter holders that will hang off the cutting table, with little pockets that will keep them from getting lost under fabric on the table.

Decorating a new space is so fun, especially when you're forced to consider how the space should reflect the wide range of talents in the studio. Illustrators add their own touches here & there of original artwork that is studio-related, a fun perk of having people with magic hands around! An impressive photographer adds the fun of highly specialized equipment around the studio, and a variety of projects shot right in our space. We're loving the dynamic, and can't help but love the perks of having a photog and illustrators in such close proximity to us.

More updates as our decorating progresses!