Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Craft Supply Classifieds at Crafting a Green World!

Our friend Becky Striepe of Crafting a Green World (an inspiring blog all about creative re-use and eco-friendly craft practices) has just launched a crafter's dream: Share and Swap, an online resource for posting unwanted supplies, posting "want ads" for needed supplies, and offering up goods for trade. We just love this -- it's sometimes hard to donate supplies even if you know you aren't using them, but it's much easier to part with them if you know they're going to a good home.

Read the full information and link to the Share and Swap after the jump!

Information from Crafting a Green World:

After years of planning and months of development, Crafting a Green World officially launches its brand new Share and Swap area on February 11th! The Share and Swap is a free space where crafters can offer up craft supplies to give away, post for supplies that they need, and list supplies for trade.

This is a resource that site director Becky Striepe has been wanting to integrate into the site for years:

"We get emails from readers looking to give away or find second hand craft supplies all the time, and I'm thrilled that we can finally offer a place where crafters can share what they have! We wanted to create the Share and Swap as a resource for the crafty community to help reduce waste and connect craft supplies with crafters who need them."

The Share and Swap is essentially an online classifieds system where crafters can create free ads to give away extra materials, ask for supplies, or arrange swaps, and since it's Crafting a Green World craft supplies can mean anything from vintage beads and buttons to quirkier materials like wine corks or clean, empty glass containers. 


Do you have supplies you've been waiting to "de-stash"? See what others are offering up at the Share and Swap and offer up your goods to make room for new ones!