Sunday, February 10, 2013

Your Favorite ... Sewing Machines

If you sew, you might have grown quite fond of your machine. It's this magical being that takes you from the land of the unknown to the land of the just-sewn (okay, cheesy, I just couldn't pass it up). We rely on our machine in the most hurried-of-moments (Quick -- sew that rip before you have to rush out the door!) or it becomes our ever-loved companion during late-night sewing binges. Some even go as far as naming their sewing partner, a grown-up version of an imaginary friend? If your machine is good to you, you probably cherish it, and some might say you can't live without it (I know I can't!). When getting acquainted with a new sew-ist, the question always crosses my mind, "What kind of machine do they have?" as if it will allow me to better understand their personality, their style of craft.

In my years of sewing, I've become quite particular over my sewing machine brand. I see it in others, too, very proud when they state their brand. Are we all in adult-world sewing cliques? Does your brand say something about you?

In teaching sewing, I've come across a wide range of machines that I've been able to sew with briefly. Through these experiences, I must admit I've made a mental list of definite "no!" brands, and can't deny that I'm a sucker for certain brands (I just appreciate a strong motor!).

What kind of machine do you sew with? Would you trade it in for a newer model, or are you tied to it like I am of my trusty Berninas? How did you happen upon your machine -- a family heirloom or a well-reviewed new purchase? Share your machine "story" in the comments below, I'd love to hear your take!