Monday, July 8, 2013

Etsy Craft Party 2013 - Craft for Community

This year we were super excited to host the annual Etsy Craft Party in our studio, a chance to open our studio doors to some new Atlantans we haven't met before! We got some amazing supplies from Etsy and craft supply vendors on Etsy, and were excited to participate in some of their great activities planned for this year. Read more after the jump!

This year's theme was Craft for Community, a theme very special to our heart. Crafting IS community for us, something we strongly believe should be shared and enjoyed with others. Crafting, for us, is about empowering to create something special, sharing these skills, and making for others. We love the independence that crafting gives us, and that independence should be shared with others!

We had a few tables with activities, and they included embroidered merit badges, cabochon rings, paper geometric solids, and wooden brooches. Supplies were provided by vendors on Etsy with a wide range of goodies, including washi tape, embroidery floss, plastic cabochons, confetti, creamy cardstock, and more! See below some of our favorite photos from the night.

We had so much fun organizing our craft supply loot, with help from Jeanee of Finely Crafted.

We were SO lucky to have sponsorship of the craft party from the Indie Craft Experience, our favorite craft event! Shannon & Christy are craft superstars, we like to think of them as the queens of craft in Atlanta :)

Wooden pre-cuts in heart and circle shapes were provided for making brooches, which we used washi tape to decorate!

We even had some folks bring their own supplies & tools, an awesome addition to the creations we saw come out of the night! We really enjoyed meeting Tokyo Blossom, a local crafter with an Etsy shop with awesome handmade goods. We also had the pleasure of meeting Kaori Fitch, (whose supplies are shown above), another Etsy shop owner that specializes in handmade gifts and bookbinding (a skill we'd love to learn!). Check out her shop, Colors & Patterns on Etsy.

Check out the rest of the fun:

We hope to see you at next year's Etsy party! In the meantime, check out our fun craft supplies in our Etsy shop

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