Monday, October 14, 2013

Place Value Education with Crafty Paper Bags

We love to see what you're doing with our craft supplies, and were recently wow-ed by a use of our crafty paper bags we've never considered before -- in the classroom!

This teacher from the DC-area purchased a wide assortment of our chevron paper bags and striped paper straws. Think they're for a party? Think again! She created an awesome place-value chart for her students to practice filling in & recognizing place values in their Spanish-immersion classroom.

Click to read on about the chart!

Paper bags are attached to a board, each under a specific place value (hundreds, thousands, ten-thousands, etc.). Straws are used as single units and place into the appropriate place value envelope pocket. Need some brushing up on your place value skills? For example:

If you have the number 12,536, you'd put one straw in the ten-thousands place, 2 straws in the thousands place, 5 straws in the hundreds place, 3 straws in the tens place, and 6 in the ones place. Make sense? Mapping these things out visually helps elementary school kids grasp the language of place values, which aids in learning higher functions like multiplication & division. How fun is it to make it more visually interesting with these fun paper supplies?

We loved this especially because it's not just great for the classroom -- we can see this in a bedroom for extra math help at home that also adds some fun to decor. The paper bags aren't just for goodies -- their use as a pocket on the wall can be interpreted for countdown calendars and more!

Hope you enjoyed us sharing this awesome school project -- how else would you use your paper bags?

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