Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Week Planner Paper Craft DIY

We love being organized, but we love making things that help organization even more! In school we always loved labeling our binder sections, planning outlined notes, and all the fun accessories associated with school supplies. As an adult, these needs change, but we still stick to the "fun" parts of keeping organized, and our hearts swell when we walk into any office supply store. At any age, a system of organization for whatever your needs may be is always helpful, and we wanted to come up with a super quick & easy way to add to your organizational tools with our crafty paper bags. Check out our quick tutorial for how you can make a week planner with a few bags and some washi tape!

This wall envelope system can serve many purposes, so take some time to think about how it can work best for you. We folded the pockets to keep them shallow, for slipping in task notes that can easily be retrieved at the beginning of each day to check in on what we need accomplished. For us, writing things down engrains them in our memory, so having a paper trail for our tasks is really helpful, although we also employ task managers & calendars on our computer.

We used washi tape to affix the envelopes to the wall, because it's decorative but also leaves no sticky residue on the wall (so it won't peel paint!) and can be removed & reapplied for repositioning over & over. We love it! If you have a wall with glossy paint, high humidity, or texture, we still like to use washi tape for the decorative border, but follow in each corner with simple thumbtacks to make it more sturdy (especially if you want to store more in the pockets). Employ the same idea for countdown calendars, a full month calendar, achievement charts for kids, and you can mount them onto a separate foam or cork board so it's more portable from place to place and you'd prefer to pin into something other than the wall.


(1) Pack of Crafty Paper Bags
(1) Roll of Washi Tape


Fold your paper bags to the desired size. We folded them to be about 3.5 inches tall -- think about how you'll use them, how much space you have, and you can even leave them fully open!

Label pockets as you see fit. We used 7 bags for one day of the week each, but you can label them with names if these will be used to leave reminders for specific household members, or numbers if you're using it as a countdown calendar. If you're feeling super crafty, you can use washi tape to cut & assemble numbers & letters!

Measure & cut washi tape to go on two sides & bottom of each envelope.

Attach to your wall or surface & get organized!

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