Monday, November 4, 2013

Why We Love Wool and the Gang for Knitting

We've always been smitten for Wool and the Gang, a London-born fashion brand aimed at making knitting as awesome as humanly possible. Their knitting kits are awesome, beautifully packaged everything-you-need supply packs for beautifully fashionable garments and accessories stitched together with their own WATG needles. We love their yarn, we love their brand, and we wanted to share with you some of our favorite Wool and the Gang products.

One of our first encounters with Wool and the Gang with in their pint-sized studio in the South Village on Manhattan. Surrounded by their fibers, we instantly fell in love. While that shop is now closed, we still like to follow their every move online to see what's coming next. They recently came out with a line of jersey knit t-shirt yarns, and we're crazy about the color selection. So, we're sharing a few of our favorites here. We couldn't stick to one or two top colors, so get ready for the rainbow:

In addition to their gorgeous yarns (yes, there are so many more, in gorgeous fluffy wools & cottons), we love their knit kits, which are packaged in amazing crumply bags. Mmmm....

Have you ever made a Wool and the Gang project?

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