Thursday, January 16, 2014

Valentine's Day - Date Night Workshop

I love Valentine's Day, not gonna lie. I don't like the fancy restaurants, flowers & chocolate type of stuff, but really just the cheesy over-the-top force fed love fluttering about the chilly season. There's something really fun about any theme, and even if I don't believe in a mainstream exclamation of love, I do love a good excuse to craft!

Valentine's Day is a tough season to craft for outright -- the things we typically think about are home decorations, but who decorates their house for a single day of love? Sounds nice, but not always realistic with our crazy schedules. Not to sound cheesy, but I really love to give things away to others. I love making Valentines that take hours & hours to complete, for the late 20s/thirty somethings I'm friends with. And yes, I mail them via snail mail and there is always glitter.

In the coming weeks, I'll be posting some fun, easy, low-skill projects you can complete to tell your family, friends, lovers that you really do care. Maybe you only care this one day, maybe you care everyday, but Hallmark holiday or not, it's always nice to get a sweet treat.

Stitches & Crafts is excited to be hosting a Valentine's Day (night) date night Friday, February 14th from 6-9PM. An alternative to the fancy shmancy restaurants & movie date night -- an evening for men, women, kids alike that want to make something to love and to give.


We'll be making our hand-sewn felt planters, decorating them with stitching and stamping. We'll even have materials for putting a REAL plant in there (houseplants, something to love year round!) that participants can take home. Sign up solo & take home a friend that's sure to appreciate you (give me water, please!), or sign up with a buddy and have some fun! We'll have drinks (adult & not), snacks, and guaranteed good ol' fashioned fun.

Do something special this Valentine's Day & craft!

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