Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Paper Fashion Designer

We love a good mash-up of craft & supply, those odd combinations you wouldn't think to make, but know they work super well once they're blended. Check out this collection of paper fashions, created by an oh-so-talented 4 year old with the help of her apprentice, her mom. How amazing are these outfits?!

This kid, lovingly nicknamed "Mayhem" is the epitome of crafty. Her mom doesn't sew, and they have no interest in delving into the world of fabric, so they took to what they knew best: paper and lots of tape.

The most amazing part is that Mayhem isn't just copying dresses she sees in the real world (which, would be pretty amazing still). She's drawing inspiration from everyday events, not scanning the fashion blogs for ideas. Her shark dress was a direct result of a trip to the aquarium, and that might be the coolest thing ever (see photo above).

Check out a small sampling of her creations (and some great ones from the Golden Globes). She just might be our new craft inspiration idol.

Follow Mayhem at her site to see more.

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